A warm welcome to readers and an invitation to add your own comments. We intend for the blog to be a dynamic part of the website, with stories about pets who visit the stores, a handy hint from a customer, new products, or just a chat. You are most welcome to make suggestions or join in at any time. Did you know that we have facebook pages for each store, our grooming salon, and the head office? Until the end of February we are running a cool competition called "Love That Pet", which allows you to show us just how special your pet is to you. So far, we've had some really gorgeous photos and videos put on the different pages and it will be hard for our independent judges to pick a winner! Click on the links to the right to check them out and add yours.


A big thank you to ian & phillipa of 4 paws & more , for your support of the siberian husky club of victoria inc in 2011.
Also thanks from mollie-coddled racing (sleddog team bendigo) for your professional & personal help to keep us at our peek with the great range of quality dog foods . PS: carn't wait to try the new canidae grain free range all the best Jon

Hi Jon and thanks for the lovely comments. We thoroughly enjoyed being involved with the Siberian Husky Club's Sledding season. Great to hear that the food is still going well and next time you drop in, we'll show you the new Canidae range.

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