In the last few weeks, we've had visits from quite a few breeds that are generally smaller in numbers than the better known breeds.

These include a Lakeland Terrier, a German Wirehaired Pointer, a parti-coloured Standard Poodle, Lagattos, and a couple of Old English Sheepdogs. Whilst the latter may be seen a bit on TV in the Dulux ads, they are less common out and about.

What less common breeds have you seen lately? Or, what is a breed you'd love to meet?


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I would love to see the Old English Sheepdogs, because I have never seen them in reality.

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They are a lovely dog! We are lucky to have customers who bring them into our Gisborne store so have lots of cuddles.

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I love those dog breeds that's been mentioned in this post. I love dogs.
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I would love to see the Old English Sheepdogs, since I have never observed them as a general rule. Write My Dissertation They are a flawless puppy! We are fortunate to have clients who bring them into our Gisborne store so have loads of snuggles.

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